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Reviews of FOREX brokers and trading platforms

When I started blog about forex, my base idea was to review forex brokers and platforms, compare spreads and leverages and find best forex brokers for You no matter are you professional or newbie in forex market.
This time i would like to say just few words, generally about trading forex and importance of choosing right forex platform and latter I will describe one by one forex platform. When You choosing right forex trading platform for You i is important to find platform that feet all your need what can mean from be comfortable great designed but also functional and very fast. Generaly best FOREX trading platforms are MetaTrader, Streamster ans SaxoBank trading station, but again I say it depends on you and your needs and what You accept from your forex trading platform. 

Also, if you never trade before, please check this stock market for beginners informations that can give you some base info about stock trading what is actualy easier part. Harder and most profitabil is of course FOREX trading.


Blogger said...

eToro is the most recommended forex trading platform for rookie and pro traders.